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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

1/17/17 Harbor Brook

Still lots of ice around here making it difficult to find places to hike. Decided the best chance was back to Acadia and try Harbor Brook. It had been icy last time here but since then we did Little long Pond and found the trails there good.
Twenty three degrees and sunny with little wind.

Lots of ice in the stream

and some new blow downs - there were several other places Kelley had to find a way around.

The trails were in good shape with only a few tiny patches of ice.


The trail has some erosion problems and they are building some new sections.

Lots of ice pictures on the way

One of two bridges under construction- don't know where the trails will go but good news.

It was hard for Kelley, because of icy banks, to find places she could get in the water but she managed several times.

More ice

Another view of the stream

and a little color

A pretty good hike. It was comfortable and Kelley did well but it was more work for her than usual with the workarounds. 1  1/2 hours


  1. Yay-new trails on the way!
    Who pays for this?--is it volunteers perhaps?
    I'm always happy to hear that some places are still putting in trails, etc for the benefit of everyone.
    Pretty ice photos. And the fungi looks odd this time of year......

    1. Hi Sue - this part of Acadia is private property even though part of the park. It may still be owned by the
      Rockefellers who donated the rest of the park. They maintain the trails and build new ones. They also have different rules and that means Kelley doesn't have to on a leash in that part of the park that we hike including Little Long Pond and Eliot Mt. Pretty nice. The rest of the park is maintained by the park service and fees are collected.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Linda - I got a bit carried away as it was everywhere.


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