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Monday, November 7, 2016

11/6/16 Little long Pond

Hadn't been here in awhile so we made the drive - it was cloudy at home but sun predicted for the coast . Lower 40s and windy but the sun was shining when we got there - wished I had brought a cap.

First things first

Two views for the south end of the pond

and one from the meadow

Another place to get in the water

A piece of lichen- appears to have broken off another tree and landed here

Taking the lead

Reflection at end of Jordan Stream

Under the bridge that crosses the stream

We took the trail across to the carriage road and that back to our beginning. Kelley had not been enthusiastic at the start but did well once we got moving. We usually see lots of people on the carriage road side but today saw only a woman with two dogs and another couple but they made Kelley happy. 1 1/2 hours 


  1. What a gorgeous day out. Those are going to be getting harder to get. Guesses on the first snow this year? I'm thinking early. At least, I'm hoping..........
    I'll shoot for Nov 27.

    1. Hi Sue - it was. N. Maine has already got a little snow, hard to predict here in Bangor - a few years ago we had about 3 feet on Thanksgiving


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