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Thursday, November 3, 2016

11/2/16 Saxl Park

Another cloudy day but into the 50's . Kelley didn't seem excited about hiking so we went to a nearby park. It has 2 and a half miles of trails that are mostly mowed paths through meadows and a few wooded sections. I didn't mark our path because we just wandered.

They have built a small dock on the pond near the start and Kelley was disappointed and just got wet instead of going out into the pond which required going between the dock and the bank. Later she did find a small stream that he could lie down in.

She actually sat so I could get a picture

Bright leaves and berries.

Few pictures because the first part of the hike we walked with a woman and her dog and talked instead of paying attention to our surroundings and then we met a couple with two dogs and talked with them about places to hike with dogs where you don't have to use a leash. 1 hour 


  1. I love your final photo of the red leaves!

    1. Thank you Linda - not a lot of color left

  2. Kelley looks sweet, but kinda "tired" in that photo. And I'm echoing Linda here-that leaf photo is so pretty! Have a great weekend

    1. Thanks Sue She was near the hikes's end and wasn't too perky when there were no more dogs


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