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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

11/14/16 Tunk Mountain

Still having computer problems. Here are pictures from a similar hike a couple of years ago

Today was a beautiful day for hiking - sunny and 49 degrees when we started and 59 at the finish. We did the hike from Myrick Pond Rd. which is easier for Kelley. You turn of RT. 182 onto Myrick  Pond Rd., drive less than half a mile and take the right fork 0.2 mile, and park by a big boulder. The rd. from here is rougher but walking it you come to another fork and again take the right for a very short distance to the trail head to the right. No sign but fairly obvious. What I like about this route is that you have no views until you come out of the woods at the top and suddenly there is a grand view. We stopped  for an apple break and a few pictures and traveled along the ridge for a bit. We usually go to the trail that leads down to Hidden Ponds but today Kelley let me know she was ready to turn back and we did. She had done very well to that point and this had been a bit more rigorous than our latest trails. There is a swampy area near the start and finish with a good amount of water and she also found a small stream and a couple of small pools/puddles. A beautiful day. 2 hours


  1. I love hiking places that hide a "surprise" at the a glorious view. Sounds like a great day

    1. Thanks Sue - it was a good day for both of us.

  2. It sucks having computer problems. Who would ever have thought that we would be so dependent on them!! Your words did a great job describing the hike you and Kelley took. I'm glad she found some water to get into, as usual!

    1. Thanks Betty, we really have come to rely on computers. Kelley says hi


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