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Saturday, November 5, 2016

11/4/16 Sears Island

Gray and mid 40's but the tides were right so we headed to the island.

We started out on the west shore at low tide

Some beach art - Kelley didn't seem interested

Sticks and leaves

Leaves and Seaweed

Kelley decided to be in this one

Further along the shore

 and more seaweed

More leaves on the beach

We turned onto the Green Trail headed for the east shore via the Homestead Trail

There was a small stream for Kelley

Some ferns stay green

East shore of the island - tide is still low

Into the water once more before we head to the car.

Not a bad hike in spite of the dreary weather. Some interesting things on the beach. Kelley did well and seemed to enjoy the change of pace. 1 1/4 hours


  1. Love the shots of your coastline!

  2. I've heard that seaweed is supposed to be beneficial in the garden--have you ever tried any? I always wondered about the salt in it--if that would affect the soil in any way.
    Anyway--lots of interesting stuff today.
    I bet living near the ocean, you've seen some really cool stuff. What's the neatest thing you ever found beachcombing?

    1. Hi Sue- seaweed is used in gardens here and you can find bags of it at garden supply places -I've wondered about the salt too. The Gulf of Maine doesn't have the variety of shells and things I have seen on other coasts and I don't know why that is. On Sears the seaweeds and rock formations are most interesting to me.


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