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Thursday, August 21, 2014

8/20/14 Ledges and Baker Hill

We did these trails twice in May, 2010. There was no map at that time and only one trail was named and the only markings were random pieces of surveyor tape. We never found the ledges and spent most of our time wandering around randomly,  ending up coming out on the road past where we had parked. The second hike was much better as the person leading it had gone out ahead of the hike and mapped  the hike on his GPS. Now there is a map, the trails are marked with names and numbers at intersection. The trails are also in very good shape and go through some pretty woods. We had a hard time getting pictures because of the extreme contrast between dark shadows and bright splotches of sunlight

Kelley on the ledges

and the view

There wasn't much water on the trails for Kelley so she was happy when we came to Long Pond

and a little later, just off the trail a stream flowed into the pond

One of the trails

This turned out to be a very pleasant hike. We did most of the trails. We met one woman and her dog and then a family in the parking lot when we finished.  2  3/4 hours 


  1. Do you keep a journal of your daily hikes? Or is your blog your journal?

    1. Hi Kim- the blog is it- started with the idea of starting a dialog with other hikers to get ideas for hikes but that didn't really work out. Maybe a journal would be a better choice.

    2. Have you ever read "Following Atticus?" I think you'd like it.

    3. Check out their blog too:

    4. I have read it and liked it very much. An interesting man


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