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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

8/11/14 Schoodic Mountain

Nice day. Sun with some overcast and in the 70's again. No deer flies until a couple found us near the summit. The first part of the hike is through some nice woods but is a steady climb and had some big rock sections Kelley had to work around.

 Small stream just after the start

Starting to get above the trees and get some views

Almost there

It doesn't have to be a lot of water

The summit is mostly open granite and you can walk around it a get a 360 degree view. My camera settings got changed and I screwed up most of those shots.

Enjoying the view

Heading back down

We met a nice woman on our way down and that made Kelley happy. No other people on the trail .

We took the trail over to Schoodic Beach so Kelley could have a swim - there hadn't been much water to this point. There were only four people at the beach- a couple breaking camp and two women chatting .

One last swim before we take the trail back to the parking lot.

This was a somewhat rigorous hike and Kelley handled it well. She was enthusiastic and ahead of me most of the time. She likes different and we had not done this hike in a long time.  2 hours


  1. I love the pic of Kelley in that little puddle of water!

    1. Thank you for commenting Linda . She rarely passes up any water

  2. Love that name - schoodic. That's one I've never heard of before.

    1. Hi Kim - The name means a "horseback" or glacial kame in both the Penobscot and Maliseet languages. " - I had to look that up.


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