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Saturday, August 23, 2014

8/22/14 Sunkhaze Wildlife Refuge

I don't know why they don't combine these two maps.

Nice day in the 70's with mix of sun and clouds. Turned out there were a lot of deer flies on both sections of the hike as well as mosquitoes- almost gave it up but we didn't - did started thinking about winter hiking without bugs.

Carter Meadow Rd. is a short gated road that lead back to the loop to the small observation platform.

 The cabin at the start of the trail

All locked up.

Some colorful leaves along the trail

I climbed the small platform to look over the huge meadow- this picture shows only a portion of it. Kelley managed to find some water.

We followed the loop back to the start and drove the short distance to the Johnson Brook Trail.

There is a short spur off the loop which takes you to a beaver pond and water for Kelley. The water level was low and the beaver lodge was sprouting lots of vegetation.

Back on the loop, Kelley wasn't too sure about this warped bridge

An unfamiliar wildflower

and a shapely fungus

These are pretty trails and a usually pleasant hike was marred by the abundance of deer flies- can't last much longer. Kelley seemed little bothered by the bugs and seemed to enjoy herself.  2  1/4 hours total


  1. I like that fungus. Are your leaves starting to change already?

    1. Thanks Kim- a few leaves are changing- short summers here in Maine

  2. Excellent fungus! Such a pretty place all around. Please do not send winter any good vibes!

    1. Thanks for commenting Faith- 42 when I got up this morning


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