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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

4/7/14 Little Long Pond / Jordan Stream

Forecast is sunny and 50's but we have mud, snow, and ice and it's difficult to predict trail conditions. This hike is one of Kelley's favorites because of all the water and other people bring their dogs because they can be off leash.

Driving over it looked like there was less snow as we neared the coast and we were optimistic. We parked and took the Friends Path down to the pond.

About one minute from where we parked

This trail was very icy and treacherous because of the ice covered stone steps and it's narrowness but we made it down to the pond- where there was some open water at the end.

Most of the pond was still frozen

We took the West Side Trail which mostly runs near the pond. There is this open area but mostly it's wooded and had a fair amount of ice. However, the ice was easier to avoid as I could leave the trail and get around it.

Kelley used to avoid going out onto the ice but has overcome that fear.

More ice

I was hoping the Jordan Stream Trail would be better and Kelley soon found water

There was a lot of water where the trails met and I considered taking the trail across to the carriage road but that area was also flooded and the trail was not clear. We climbed a hill to bushwhack around the very wet area and conditions improved as we got back down to the trail . No one had been on it but it follows the stream closely and was not hard to follow. Also there was more snow than ice on the trail. We later had to climb another hill to get around a section of the trail that was under water but the stream was a pretty part of the hike.

As we neared the Cobblestone Bridge there was a very icy section of trail with no way around and I ended up crossing on hands and knees.

Under the bridge

And looking back the way we had come.

We stopped for our apple break and decided to go up on the carriage roads. We added a little loop before heading back down the east side of the pond. The loop had had little traffic and there were sections of snow that were a slight slog but it was not icy. Once we got on the main carriage rd. ( where most people walk and which gets the most sun) it was either bare earth or packed snow and easy walking. We also met several people with dogs and that made Kelley happy.

Near the bottom of the pond.

We finished the route and just before the car Kelley got into that little stream again. The water is clear and though I have a wet dog she is not muddy. This had been a varied and , at times, challenging hike but a good one. 3  1/4 hours 


  1. Ahhhh... open water! A rushing stream! Sounds like you had a good day, although strenuous sometimes.

    1. Yes, a good day even though a bit challenging. Made me think we will actually get spring.

  2. Wow - seeing Kelley in that icy water makes me shiver! She must have a very thick coat of fur.

    1. Hi Linda- I think part of it is the waterproof undercoat that labs have- she doesn't seem to have that much hair. She also likes to make a nest in the snow to lie in while I clean the drive.

  3. Is it flip flop and bare feet weather yet? :-)

    1. Hi Kim- starting to feel like it will never come.


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