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Saturday, April 5, 2014

4/4/14 Frye Mountain Area

Still a fair amount of snow but softer now and not a lot of traffic on the trails. Supposed to be sunny and in the mid 40's. Our friends Faith, Roxie, and Gus were going with us and we decided to try the roads/ snowmobile trails in the Frye Mt. area. There is parking at the game management office on Walker Ridge Rd. and that's where we started.

The trails still had good packed snow and the day was beautiful

The dogs all seemed to be happy to be out, especially Roxie who did her usual high speed  racing around. Gus and Kelley soon slow down but not Roxie.

We came to a trail not on our map with a sign saying "scenic overlook" and took that. It brought us to a spot we visit when we do the Frye Mt. Trail

Roxie looking back at Faith with the view in the background.

and Faith with Roxie, Gus, and Kelley

After a little lunch we returned to the trail we had been on and continued south. The trail narrowed and became less of a road.

Gus, Roxie, and Kelley

Roxie and Gus

We came to a point where we were looking down a long hill and not wanting to walk back up it  turned back.

A picture of me and Kelley taken by our friend Faith Griffith. She did better than I did with  my shots of  her.

A very nice hike with beautiful blue skies, sun,  and very comfortable temperatures. Kelley and Gus had got muddy and dirty but all the dogs seemed happy. 3  hours


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