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Thursday, April 17, 2014

4/17/14 Walker Ridge Area

Brisk morning- 32 with a bit of wind when we started. Looking for a less wet place to walk we decided to further explore these roads. The roads were wet and a bit spongy and still had patches of snow in some places ( they had got 3 inches to our inch  2 nights ago)

Both of us preferred to walk on the snow which still had a firmer ice crust beneath it, but none of the walking was bad.
I was surprised that the Bartlett Stream was not higher.

We followed the same path as last time we looked for the other Frye Mtn. Trail and though this trail was in the wrong position, we decided to follow it anyway

It soon turned from a path into an old woods road and that became less and less clear and was not heading up the mountain. We gave up on it and bushwhacked back out to the road. We followed the road to the gate we had reached last time and turned back. This walk is a pretty good work out because little of it is flat with long sections of hill.

We took a different road back to Walker Ridge Rd. and met a man with a camera who was hoping to see coyote. He walked back with us and talked about hiking areas. He thought we had gone far enough on the road to find the trail we were looking for but had just missed it. He also has a blog and we exchanged cards.
Back at the parking area we met a couple on vacation. They had not hiked the area before and were just starting their hike so we gave them a map.  A pretty good outing- pretty day and easy walking. 3 hours


  1. It was a beautiful day for a hike and a pleasure to meet you both. You two have certainly covered some ground in the last few years. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog and hope our paths cross again some day. Happy Hiking

    1. Hi Dusty- thanks for commenting. We enjoyed meeting you too on a beautiful day. I looked at your blog- some nice wildlife pictures- but could not find a place to comment. Hope to see you again.

  2. It's interesting to see how different the woods look without snow. I'm looking forward to seeing them when things begin to bloom. Have a nice Easter John.

    1. Hi Kim- yes, my friend and I were talking about the same thing on yesterday's hike- will be nice to see leaves and flowers. And a nice Easter to you too.


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