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Friday, May 5, 2017

5/4/17 Little Long Pond

Mid fifties and sunny. Drove to Kelley's favorite hike in hopes of getting a little more enthusiasm.

Obligatory shot of the pond

and Kelley in the pond.

At the start she was slow and lagging behind, at times sitting down but we kept moving and eventually she showed more enthusiasm and hiked along with me.

Back in the water at Jordan Stream. She is under a small bridge with bright sun overhead and that gave an odd effect that I like.

Regular shot

On the trail across to the carriage road there has been a lot of work.

I was thinking we would see more wildflowers because it's usually warmer along the coast but there were none. I had to settle for tree buds

Near the end of the hike Kelley slowed down again but we got in and hour and three quarters.  We had met two women with a dog at the start and a nice couple at the end but no one the rest of the hike so it had been very peaceful. Once home, Kelley spent the afternoon sleeping in the sun 


  1. Ah, poor Kelley. Sounds like she's really having a tough time. Hope she feels better.
    Sounds like a nice morning out

    1. Hi Sue - was a nice morning. I am varying Kelley's meds, hiking alternate days, and trying to get her to lose some weight. Hope it's not just coming on 10 yrs. old

  2. Ah spring! The pond water looks so blue and beautiful in your first photo.

  3. I would imagine the swimming is good for Kelley.

  4. Great spot for hiking, I can see why it's a fav for Kelley and you.. sun? what is that?

    1. Hi - Yes, Kelley loves all the water and because dogs can be off leash lots of friendly dogs-(usually) had sun for the day add now back to rain -

  5. That's my favorite hiking spot as well :) maybe because I was there once.

    1. Hi Serafina- it is a nice spot for people as well as Kelley


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