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Saturday, October 11, 2014

10/10/14 Frye Mountain

Another beautiful day- much like yesterday but with less wind. Decide to do Frye but not by our usual route.Were going to take the Loop Trail and see if we could find the trail up the side of the mountain but when we started down I realized I had forgot how steep it could be and the distances were going to be longer than I wanted for Kelley.Back to our usual route up the mountain. Then down the side and walked the road for awhile. Kelley seemed happy with that but when we passed an old woods road,we had not taken , but seemed to cross the trail we went that way. We went for some ways without finding the trail and eventually reached some private property. Now I was sure we were off track and after looking a bit for another trail we returned the way we had come and found the trail - we had missed it on the way out - and took that back to the trailhead.  Kelley had been enthusiastic for the whole hike. There was some water and we met one hiker coming down from the mountain as we were going up. We then met a man at the kiosk at the trail head and chatted about local trails for a bit before heading to the car.

I didn't take many pictures but enjoyed a beautiful day in the woods.

First stream

Part of the trail

Most of the trail is fairly dense woods and there was not a lot of color - the summit is open ( though no views) and was colorful

Remnant of the old fire tower

Coming down off the mountain

A really nice day but my error on the woods road made the hike 3  1/2 hours long which I had not wanted. That night Kelley showed a little lameness so tomorrow we will have a rest day- supposed to be cold and gray anyway. 


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