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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10/14/14 Sunkhaze Redux

Another nice day to explore an area  that has been a problem for us on several occasions . Yesterday we found a trailhead we returned to explore. We were hoping it would be the trail shown on the map as Buzzy Brook South . We have never been able to follow that trail from either end or even be sure we were on it - no blazes or signs on these unmaintained trails.

The McLaughlin Rd.

 which we walked to this trailhead

Going by the sun it seemed to be a fairly straight shot. It was in poor condition and you would not be able to ski it. One of the better sections ( there were also many trees down across the trail which meant leaving the trail to get around them ) .

We followed the trail for a fair distance and then it took a short jag onto another trail, which we followed.  On the map above I have drawn an approximation of the route we followed. Eventually the trail just petered out without reaching either Buzzy Brook or S. Buzzy Brook. We looked around the woods for another trail or a continuation - flagging our route -  but could find nothing and so returned the way we had come. When we got to the jag we followed the other trail as it seemed to be going in the right direction and it brought us back to the place we had started from .???  These trails continue to mystify me .

There had been no water along these trails - another time we wandered around the area lost and kept running into water - so I decided we would continue up the road to where the map shows  Little Buzzy Brook crossed the road. Well, not exactly  - on the right was a beaver pond which had also flooded part of the road and on the other side of the road only a trickle of water. Kelley was happy

The lodge

We stayed long enough for Kelley to get in several times and me to take some pictures and then headed back. Another puzzling attempt with no solution but a good outing anyway.  2  1/4 hours 


  1. Nice photos of the beaver pond!

    1. Thank you Linda- there seem to be a lot of them around here.


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