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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

9/13/16 Kenduskeag Stream (no hike)

This was to be a day off but it got up to 80 again so I took my girl over to the stream for the water.

The stream is even lower than the last time we were here but still enough for Kelley to get wet. She didn't want to walk so I took a couple of pictures and we went home. Kelley to rest and me to do a little in the garden and freeze some tomatoes.


  1. Nice pool time for Kelley..but oh my the water level..what's your technique for preparing the tomatoes for freezing?

    1. Hi - learned from my brother I use quart freezer bags, cut the tomatoes in chunks,throw the filled bag in the freezer, in recipes I use a bag as a large can of tomatoes. when almost thawed the skin slip right off. Used to remove skins, cook down, and then can. This beats that


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