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Thursday, September 15, 2016

9/14/16 Newman Hill-Hinds

Mix of sun and clouds so we went on a nearby hike to beat the rain. There is also water here for Kelley. We only got a few sprinkles.

And I was surprised at how many wildflowers are still in bloom.

First water is a small pond (not on the map).

Pine Pond - lower than I have seen it in the past

The beaver pond was also low and there was lots of logs and brush along the shore - some kind of project going on

But Kelley found a way in

Black Pond

Young pine

 Small pond next to Black ( also not on the map)

Kelley did well and I think she is being helped by the new meds- only 5 days so nothing dramatic but her gait seemed more normal and she seemed more ready to jump boulders. 2  hours 


  1. Spring and fall..perfect times for blooms..GREAT news about kelley the wonder dog..

    1. Thanks penbayman- I'm hoping for continued improvement

  2. Kelley always finds a way to get in her swim! Lovely flowers!

    1. Yes, Linda - if it's there she will find it. I was surprised at the number of flowers still out


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