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Friday, September 23, 2016

9/22/16 Hidden Ponds

Sunny again and upper 60's when we started and lower 70's at end. This is another hike with guaranteed water.

We started from the parking lot on Rte. 182 and decided we would skip the loop ( not shown on this map) and head for tilden and the Lake. This map was made by a hiker we met and he sent me this and another and I sent him a couple I had that he didn't.

Near the start. Kelley is ahead because she knows there is a stream coming up.

and it still had water

Most of the trees still have green leaves but there are some colored on the ground.

I think this is some kind of parasite on the tree. We see a lot of it but not usually this dramatic.

Tilden Pond

There isn't a lot of easy access for Kelley but she found this spot.

The only wildflowers we saw today.

From near the end of Tilden we took an old woods road ( not on the other maps of the area) to Spring River Lake ( odd name) .

Even this large lake had lowered some and here the reeds are next to the shore.

A little further along the shore was a spot with fewer reeds

Back at Tilden - can't get in but can get a drink

Don't know what these are

Back at the stream near the start - she really didn't want to leave here.

Nice hike on a beautiful day. Kelley seems to be improving and did well. Unlike the last time we were, we met no one until very near the end and so had the place to ourselves. 2  1/2 hours 

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