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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

9/20/16 Redman Beach

We just had a couple of rainy days and walked around the hood. Not enough rain to do much good- just enough to mess up the day.

This morning is upper 60', cloudy, and fog but supposed to clear. Another trail with sure water for Kelley, at least at Donnell Pond.

Trail head with boulders to bar ATVs

No wildflowers but some interesting ferns

 About halfway to the pond there is a stream that is usually  a bit of a challenge for me as I  have to balance on logs to cross it. Today I could walk across.

But there was enough pooled water for Kelley to get wet

There were some interesting fungi

When you come out of the woods at the pond it is at one of the 4 or 5 campsites

Into the pond

We walked along the beach with Kelley mostly walking in the water

This is a 3 shot pano - please click separately for large view

Redman Beach  9-20-16

Another campsite

About where we turned back

Kelley was excited when we got back to the stream

More ferns

A nice hike. It didn't clear 'till we got home and we got a few sprinkles but it stayed comfortable. Kelley did well and seemed more willing to jump over things she might have gone around. We have hiked this trail many times and I don't remember ever meeting anyone on the trail. Sometimes there would be a few people camping ( none today) but they mostly come across the pond by boat or canoe rather than tote things through the woods. 2 1/2 hours 


  1. Nice beach..looks like Kelley had it all to herself..

    1. Hi - it is and uncommon in Maine, as you know, and yes we had the trail and the beach to ourselves .


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