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Friday, June 17, 2016

6/16/16 U. Maine Forest

This was a disappointing outing. Kelley has been trying some new meds and that hasn't gone smoothly so our schedule is off and I decided a short hike on the university trails was in order. We started from the Park St. end rather than the Stillwater end where we usually start.  Kelley was not enthusiastic at the start because she is not fond of paved paths - paved for bikers - her interest didn't improve all that much once we got on the regular trails- except where she found mud puddles. . The other problem is that we always get confused on these trails. There are not always markers at intersections and there are trails which are not shown on the maps. We had our usual confusion and ended up going in a circle. Kelley was still not very excited about the hike so I gave up and we headed back, doing only an hour. At least we got a bit of exercise and it was a pretty day.

I was also disappointed that there were very few wildflowers and I did a poor job of photographing them.

There were lots of buttercups



And a frog in the middle of the path


  1. Hi John--sorry your hike didn't go well, but your photo of Mr Frog made me smile. Have a great weekend.

  2. Loved the frog. Poor Kelley, hope she's feeling back to her normal self soon.

    1. Thank Kim - Taking it day by day - wish she could talk


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