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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

6/7/16 DeMeritt Forest

Rain the last two days and more forecast for today but sunny when we got up so we went to the nearby forest to try to get in a hike.

Clouding up by the time we got started.

There were lots of buttercups about

and water for Kelley

Dandelions gone to seed

and bunchberries

Some of the trails were a bit wet

Once more in the stream before we end our loop

After we did the loop through the woods we went across the road and down to the Stillwater River

Deep enough to swim

There is also a small cove

and another chance for Kelley before we head up the hill and back to the car

Kelley did well and was happy with all the water. There were mosquitoes but no black flies. The rain didn't come until later in the afternoon. A pleasant hike. 1  3/4 hours


  1. Looks like Kelley got a good work out today. Bet she napped good later, huh?

    1. She did well and then slept in the yard while I worked in the yard. - but she has never been one waste energy - if nothing is happening she rests.

  2. The buttercups and bunchberries are beautiful. And John, you're the only person that can make a dandelion seed pod look like a GOOD thing!

  3. John we miss you on NEMS.

    1. Thank you Marianne - my last posts received so few viewings it didn't seem worth the trouble. Perhaps I'll give it another try


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