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Friday, February 19, 2016

2/18/16 Perch Pond

Trail system before additions by bike club - those in yellow are old woods roads.
Present system

Twenties, mostly cloudy with the sun trying to peak through. Trail conditions in general  still very iffy - We drove around yesterday and checked some of the nearby snowmobile trail and they were all in terrible condition -  so we picked something close and hoped for better conditions.

Starting on the North Trail ( an old woods road that runs close to and parallel with a woods trail)  we were surprised that there was more snow than at home.

In this  open area much of it was gone.

The small beaver pond was frozen

I broke some of the ice at the edge and Kelley took advantage.

Worm work

Once we got on the newer trails ( built by a bike club) we found there had been no recent use.

More broken ice

A little color

Perch Pond was frozen

On the way back we took the woods North Trail because of this small stream

These bog bridges looked like a challenge but were easy for both of us - Kelley will sometimes use them and other times not.

Turned out to be a good hike. There was little ice on the trails and the crusty snow supported Kelley and was mostly not deep for me. She did well and seemed to enjoy herself. Once again we had the place to ourselves. 1  3/4 hours 


  1. Your photos of Kelley in that icy water make me cold!! She is one tough doggie.

    1. Hi Linda - also makes me cold watching her.Seems to have no affect on her

  2. Funny how we think of winter's end as being "easier", but really, soft snow and ice make it far more of a challenge than good deep hardpack snow.
    I'm with Linda on this--Kelley is tough!

    1. Hi Sue - she is and you are right about trail conditions


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