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Saturday, February 27, 2016

2/26/16 Little Long Pond

Lower 30's, sunny, and breezy. It's usually a few degrees warmer along the coast and we thought we would have a better chance of avoiding ice here.

Obligatory shot of the pond.

 Mostly still frozen but there was some water at the end of the pond

Another shot of the pond - the first woods section had very little snow or ice

Back into the woods the trail remained in good condition. At the junction of the West Side Trail and Jordan Stream we met a nice woman and her dogs and Kelley liked that.

Parts of the stream trail were pretty wet with small workarounds but still little ice.

Shots of Jordan Stream

After we crossed under the cobblestone bridge we climbed up to the carriage road to head back.

We met two women with their dogs, which was unusual as we usually meet several people and dogs on this stretch.

One last time in the water

This turned out to be a good choice as ice was not a problem and Kelley likes this trail. She did well.  2 hours.


  1. Pretty pond! Looks like you had a nice sunny day too.

    1. Thanks Linda - it was a pretty day and no icy trails.

  2. Really love that rushing stream and the bridge.

    1. Hi Kim - there are 16 bridges on the carriage roads in Acadia and this is the only cobblestone version.

  3. What a beautiful area. Love the rushing stream and bridge. Can you believe the kind of Winter you're having? Very mild for a Maine Winter, right? I just found our first daffodil in full bloom. We reached 70 degrees here today! Back to cold and rain tonight and maybe snow Tuesday, lol. And the crazy weather continues.

    1. Hi Serafina - Abadia is beautiful - and the weird weather continues. We have had a lot more ice than usual and less snow and I think overall warmer. Tomorrow it's supposed to reach 50. Be awhile before we have flowers.


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