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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

2/1/16 Perch Pond

Forties when we got up- strange weather continues along with uncertainty about trail conditions. Perch Pond is not a long drive - last winter we usually couldn't get in the parking lot or off the road.

From the north trail parking you can take either a trail in the woods or a parallel  old woods road. The road looked to have had more traffic so we chose that.

We found the beaver pond frozen

 This trail had some bike tracks

Perch Pond was also frozen - this is a spot where Kelley can usually get in.

A fishing shanty - I would not trust that ice.

 Back on the trail I accidently broke through some ice  and then took out enough for Kelley to, at least, get wet.

Returning we took the woods trail to the parking lot because there was a tiny stream that might be flowing - it was

Bog bridges on that trail

This hike was mostly a bit of a slog for me - one section of trail had had no use. A bit easier for Kelley - when the surface didn't support her she stepped in my tracks. Still it was pretty in the woods and peaceful as we met no one. Kelley did well in spit of less than ideal conditions. 1  1/2 hours


  1. We always have a few folks that try fishing on thin ice. They fall in, need to be rescued, the admonitions to keep off the ice continue to be ignored. There's always those few that don't listen.
    Glad you had a nice hike. I think when it becomes sloggy and slushy, I'd wimp out and find a nice plowed walk.

    1. Hi Sue- we also usually have a few snowmobilers who break through. We looked for better footing today - to be posted

  2. I'll bet Kelley was glad you broke through the ice! :)


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