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Thursday, February 18, 2016

2/17/16 Snowmobile Trails Dover-Foxcroft

Yesterday it was in lower 50's with rain into the evening. This morning it was around thirty with most of our snow gone, cloudy skies, and windy. This seemed to be our best bet for avoiding wet or slushy trails.

We started from the Irving on Rte 15 and took the trail that heads west. The start was very icy. There was also a lot more snow than at home.

But once we got in the woods there was good footing

One other open area was icy

Back in the woods

Because of the strong winds last night the snow was littered with bits from the trees which ruined my nice backgrounds for weeds. I did find this lichen on a rock.

Some of the blowdowns from last nights wind.

Decided to try a side trail we had not done before - primarily because there had been no recent use and it was nicely packed snow. It took us to the highway and went off in two directions. This was not the day to see where they went and we headed back

Another side trail looked like it would take us back to the main trail and it did.

Frozen wetlands

Other than the treacherous ice at the start the footing was pretty good and the woods still pretty. Kelley did well and seemed less bothered by the ice than she usually is. 1  3/4 hours


  1. Wow, you really had a warm day yesterday.
    We are at MINUS 11 this morning---but no wind so the walk was enjoyable. Despite such cold, the birds are twittering and the sun is bright so what could we complain about-haha.
    Glad you found some better footing. Always a worry when conditions are icy.
    Have a good day, John

    1. Thanks Sue -story of this winter - up and down temps, snow and then rain. Makes The nearby snowmobile trails and hiking trails are mostly icy. Perch Pond yesterday was another mixed bag - not yet posted. Take care out there.

  2. I really like the last picture. Most of our snow is gone already too. I think spring will come early this year.

    1. Thanks Kim - Icy now but we have 5-8 inches forecast for Wed. There seems to be no pattern here


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