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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2/22/16 Hidden Ponds

Chose this hike as there are alternatives nearby. Lower twenties but nice and sunny.

First part of the trail was icy and I was beside the trail more than on it.

Kelley managed to get into the small stream near the start - I did poorly with the picture.

The trail conditions improved

Just off the trail we found some more water for her but that picture was even worse than the last and we continued on our way.

The section of trail  that goes to Tilden makes a small rise above the ponds but enough for there to be a little snow.

Tilden Pond - frozen, even at the edges.

We walked to the end but still no water

 We turned back and I thought we would do the loop trail - added on the map - but Kelley didn't want to so we continued the way we had come.

When we got to the trail that goes to Salmon she was willing. I think she remembered that we usually stopped there for an apple or lunch- depending on the hike. We had an apple as we looked out over the pond.

A pretty day in the woods. I could have done without the ice which was not a problem for Kelley. She did well today. 2 hours


  1. I think we can all do without the ice!
    Do you wear those Stabilicers on your shoes? They've really helped me with my winter walking. Of course, spring would help too-ha ha.

    1. I have Stabilicers (they are good) in my pack but am too lazy to put them on when the ice is intermittent. Today we started out with a couple of inches of snow which is predicted to turn to freezing rain and then just rain - no end to this weird weather

  2. How sweet that you let Kelley choose which way to go! Looks like she makes good decisions :)

    1. Hi Betty - because her arthritic knees seem to be more of a problem as she ages we don't do hikes as long as we used to. I am always trying to figure out the right amount for that day. I can't always tell if she is tiring or just has a preference. She has a mind of her own and sometimes just wants to take a certain trail. If it doesn't take us in the wrong direction, I go along - the main purpose of the hikes is for her and I'm happy just to be out with her. She also follows trails better than I do.

  3. We have no ice left here, altho I hear a snowstorm is coming our way tomorrow.

    1. Hi Kim - it is snowing right now with freezing rain for later in the day and then just rain tomorrow.


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