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Sunday, October 14, 2012

10/13/12 Walden and City Forest

Very late start because I gave neighbors a ride to the airport. Cool but sunny today with more rain on the way for next three days so we wanted to get in a descent walk. We started from the parking area for Walden and I let Kelley choose most of the trials. At one point her friend Sophie came bounding down  the trail to meet us ( her owner not in sight) and after an excited greeting Kelley followed Sophie back up the trail and out of sight. They often take off to meet without us, so I knew that soon they would appear with Sophie's owner and they did and we all walked together for a bit. We met other people and dogs and , because of all the recent rain, there was water everywhere. Kelley seemed very happy to be out in the woods and appeared to not be experiencing any discomfort. We walked for 2  1/2 hours .

There was also lots of sniffing to be done and Kelley sometimes had to catch up

Though there are still trees with leaves the marshy area off the old rail bed looks very wintery


  1. HI John...It was a gorgeous day wasn't it!
    This a starting to look a little bleak out there, but you managed to find some brighter colors!
    Ever season has it's own beauty!!
    You must be laying low today..raining here!!

  2. Hi Grace-It was a nice day- one of the few among many rainy ones- raining here too ( with two more days predicted)we just took a short walk around the neighborhood and will do another this afternoon.On top of all the rain I have had a rare cold and we are looking forward to some nice sunny weather.

  3. Come on down to Florida for the nice sunny weather--also LOTS of water for Kelley--glad to see your feeling better!--Brother Tom

  4. Hi Tom- Thanks for the comment and the invitation- perhaps when the weather gets really nasty.

  5. My favourite is the second one! What´s your camera model? It takes really quality photos.

  6. Thanks dpimperl- these were taken with a Pentax K10D- the close ups with the 100mm macro and the others with the kit lens. I also sometimes use an older Olympus C5050

  7. Very wintery, what a surprise.
    Yes rain is everywhere right now on the east coast. Oh well, at least it's not snow....yet.

  8. Hi Julie - I am so tired of rain I think i would prefer snow.


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