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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10/8/12 Hidden Ponds

Nice day for a hike- sunny with upper 40's to start and ending with lower 50's. We started from the parking lot on Rte 182.

We continued on the "no longer maintained trail" ( in good shape and easy to follow) to Tilden Pond and explored a little there but the trails become harder to follow and we will return in winter when it's less wet to explore further.

We then backtracked to the new loop trail and took that to Little Long Pond and followed the shore a short distance

I was using an old camera that I hadn't used in awhile and messed up several of the panoramic shots I tried.
Click twice for the large view of Little Long Pond

Little Long Pond pano 10-8-12

When we came to the intersection with the trail to Tunk we took the trail as far as mud pond where we had lunch

And a pano of Mud Pond

Mud  Pond pano 10-8-12

Then we took the trail back to the parking lot. We met quite a few people ( we usually don't see anyone) and one man who recognized us and had been on our blog that morning. That was a nice surprise.

A very pleasant 3 hour hike. Easy hiking for Kelley and lots of water.


  1. Thanks TeresaA - It's a pretty spot and was a beautiful day.

  2. Like your Little Long Pond pano!

  3. I agree about the Little Long Pond pano...very nice.

  4. It was great to meet you & Kelly on the trail, especially since your September blog about Tunk was one of the reasons I picked that mountain to climb. I look forward to seeing both of you on another trail!

  5. I appreciate you commenting Christopher. It was nice to meet you too and we will watch for you on the trails.


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