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Monday, October 15, 2012

10/15/12 Old Photostory

Rained yesterday and today and more predicted for tomorrow. We have done only walks around the neighborhood and are both bored. When I was recovering from a broken ankle two years ago and could do nothing I occupied my self with making some photo stories from still pictures with added music. When uploaded to a site for posting they do not run as smoothly as the originals.

Pictures from hikes around Maine with Kelley. The music is Bach's 'Sheep may Safely Graze-played by Jon Sayles. His free music​familypages/​earlymusic.htm


  1. Still reading your blog from NYC. This video is beautiful!

  2. Thanks Ashley. Let us know when you are coming back.

  3. Lovely video; very refreshing at the end of long evening...

  4. Thanks PP- appreciate you commenting

  5. Beautiful! Someday I hope to come and visit your lovely state.

  6. Thanks Linda- It is a beautiful place.

  7. HI John..Your video is simply fabulous I enjoyed every bit of it ! The music was so lovely and peaceful it was very fitting for the video!!
    Will be checking on the free music!!
    Golly I hate all this rain, but as my daughter always tell me it could be snow this time of year, so be happy it is not! : }

  8. Hi Grace- Thanks for your comment. I had three months of no hiking and Photo Story ( free program from Windows) helped during that time. I made several of these and will post another ( it's raining as I type). Jon Sayles site is very nice as he was happy to let me use his music. Do check it out.

  9. Been thoroughly enjoying your postings for "days now" while I'm supposed to be hard at work. Looking forward to retiring soon and visiting some of the spots you have so wonderfully catalogued, perhaps even crossing paths with you and Kelley someday. I'd enjoy that. Paul Arthur

  10. Thanks for your nice comment Paul. We would enjoy meeting you too- keep an eye out for us.


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