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Friday, October 19, 2012

10/18/12 Sears Island

We were a bit late- about an hour after low tide - but decided to do Sears Island anyway. We would start on the shore and then finish on the inland part.

Kelley immediately went into the ocean

While I took a picture of a plant across the way.

We then walked the shore to the Blue Trail, doing my beachcombing thing.

We took the Blue Trail to the gravel road and then a trail , not on the map, across to the road and down to the new Green Trail ( also not on the map) and that back to the ocean.

I realized the tide was coming in and feared we would have a problem when we got to a small inlet that allows the ocean into a marsh. At low tide there is a dry path- today the water was about two feet deep and we turned back. After an attempt to bushwhack to the road we ended up back on the Green Trail and went back to the road and then to where we had started.

When we started the hike the dry beach  had been about twenty feet wide here - now it was under water.

A nice hike in spite of bad timing. 3 hours


  1. Hi John..Sea weed and shells are so lovely...makes me want to go to the ocean.
    I am sure Kelley won't have minded the two feet of water, but for me wading in ocean water this time of year..chilly !
    Lovely color shot to!! We have had a few lovely days this week, but last night,did it ever rain!!

  2. Thanks for commenting Grace. You are right about wading the cold water. We did have a couple of beautiful days but we are now having heavy rain.


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