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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10/22/12 Fitts Pond - Blackcap

I thought Kelley had been a bit tentative the last couple of days so decided to try an easier approach to Blackcap Mountain. There is a road to the summit towers used by vehicles that service them ( we had never walked it) . I thought we would take the road up, walk the ridge, and then take the trail down to the pond and continue around the pond. The road was right next to the trail head at the end of the pond and looked quite pleasant.

Unfortunately this was not the correct road and took us to a clearing used for camping. We did find a green blazed trail leading out of the clearing and took that. It was steep and rocky and we soon came to a spot Kelley couldn't manage with no way around and turned back. We looked for a bushwhack the rest of the way up but it was mostly very steep sheets of granite. So we backtracked.

Back at the camping area we saw what looked like another trail and took that, planning to descend to the pond. That soon petered out and we ended up bushwhacking down to the pond. The trail here was both very wet in spots and rocky with lots of work arounds for Kelley ( for the rocks) and me ( for the water) .

Fitts Pond from the north

Kelley was, of course, happy with water everywhere

Looking across the pond

We continued along the shore of the pond, this trail was easier than that on the other side. until we were back near our car. Kelley had another swim. The pond from the south

I thought Kelley would have had enough but as we passed the trail head for the pond trail she indicated she wanted to go on that trail so we did  a bit of it -up to the trail up the mountain we usually take. This trail was less rocky but very wet.

Back at the pond for one last swim for Kelley and a picture for me.

An interesting hike. Kelley remained enthusiastic- mostly leading the way, and showed no signs of discomfort.  2  3/4 hours


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