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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1/28/14 City Forest

Ten degrees and the rain from yesterday is now a coating of ice. We thought our best choice was City Forest. It was icy, cold, and windy but the sun was out. My Stabilicers  worked fine and the walking wasn't bad. Kelley doesn't like ice either and she also did OK, detouring around patches of the very slick variety. We  took the West Trail and met two women, with their dogs, that we had met before and the dogs had all got along. Today Kelley hung back to avoid them even though they were friendly toward her. No idea what that was all about. At the end of West we got on the old rail bed and took that to the trail we had used yesterday to get back to West. Just outside the parking lot we met Pete and Cadie a new friend of Kelley's . Cadie is till a pup and has a lot more energy but Kelley played for awhile

Kelley decided to rest and Cadie continued to try to get her playing again.

Pete and Cadie went on their hike and we went to the car. The road from the parking lot is up a hill and it was very icy. Part way up I lost traction, the car started sliding back, did a complete turn, and I was head back to the lot. On the second attempt, I again slid back but this time into the snow beside the road and I was stuck. A nice man stopped to try to help but couldn't get enough traction to pull me out- it took him several tries to get his truck up the hill. We tried sand and branches but no luck- then Pete came by and he had a phone to call a tow truck which is how I finally got up the hill. A 1  1/2 hour hike and about the same time to get up the hill.


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