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Saturday, January 11, 2014

1/11/14 Neighborhood

We awoke to freezing rain- as if we didn't already have ice problems. My drive was a sheet of glare ice so there was no question of going out. After noon it turned to plain rain and by three some, but not all, of  the ice was off the drive. I put on my ice grippers and we headed out for a walk around the hood in the rain. Once we got off the drive and onto the street it was less slippery and ice patches could be avoided. Kelley was just glad to finally be outside and had lots of sniffing to do. She normally avoids the snow banks beside the road but several times climbed up them to explore and would not be discouraged. Don't know what that was about. There were no people or dogs out and about and I know that disappointed her. She gets so excited when there are people to greet. Forecast for tonight is for rain with a high wind advisory and then clearing tomorrow. Hard to say what hiking conditions will be like tomorrow.


  1. I love how Kelley is always so happy to get out.

    1. Hi Kim- yes, she would rather be on a trail than in the neighborhood but just being out is good.


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