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Saturday, January 11, 2014

1/10/14 City Forest

Icy conditions continue and so it was back to City Forest. Right now we have more freezing rain with a prediction of more rain and then back to freezing so I don't expect an improvement in hiking conditions soon.  Started out sunny but was mostly cloudy by the time we finished. We only met one woman and her dog- someone we meet fairly often. We didn't do as much exploring - only a couple of trails but stuck to the West Trail and rail bed ( still icy in the open area near intersection with West). and the trail we use to get from one to the other.

One trail we went a short distance up this hill but it was icy above and we turned back

Some things we saw

Kelley waiting patiently

  Almost back -Main Rd. - we had to walk a short section of it to get from trail to parking lot- it remains quite icy.

Pretty good hike with temps in upper 20's and mostly good footing. Kelley continues to look at the places  where she used to get into the water but they are all frozen. 2  1/2 hours


  1. Poor Kelley - no swimming for her! Yeah looks like you are in the depths of winter. Our mountains are finally getting some snow - yahoo!

    1. Hi Linda- Glad you are finally getting the snow you want- will be looking for those ski pictures, We awoke to more freezing rain- ice on top of ice.

  2. We had that freezing rain last night and what a mess it made. We spent hours re-salting lots.

    You always find something pretty to photograph. I like the 3 pinecones the best and have a branch with 3 of them attached sitting on my mantle at the lake. We found it years ago when we used to stay in our camper.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Kim. Be careful on that ice.


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