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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1/21/14 City Forest

Cold - 1 degree above zero, but sun and no wind. Didn't want to do a long drive, not knowing how Kelley would be today, so it was back to City Forest. We started from the Kittredge Rd. parking lot and Kelley seemed a little stiff ( it's hard to tell because she always has a gait that is a bit off)  but quickly got into the hike and seemed fine throughout. We took the West Trail  ( in good shape) to the side trail we use to get to the rail bed- no one had been on it but is was still pretty good. The rail bed was a bit lumpy and the crust din't always hold me- fine for Kelley- so it was my least favorite section. When we went back into the forest I decided to take the Main and Loop roads - they were the best surface with only a couple of inches of the new snow and lots of foot traffic - out of continued concern for Kelley. We went from the Loop Rd. back to West Trail to complete the hike.

Loop Road

West Trail

Turned out to be a good hike. Kelley did not seem to have a problem, once we got moving I was comfortable with the temperature, and it was pretty with the snow and sun. We didn't meet anyone and having it to ourselves was very peaceful. 1  3/4 hours


  1. Sounds very nice, John. A lot of callers today at work from NJ north saying lots of snow and wondering if we had any yet.

    1. Hi Faith- it was . I have seen predictions of 1 to 6 inches- as usual we shall see.

  2. We had between 6-8" of snow last night.

    I admire how you get out in this frigid weather each day and hike!

    1. Hi Kim- We got no snow- so much for predictions. Kelley says I have to go out in the cold.


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