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Saturday, January 4, 2014

1/4/14 Snowmobile Trail

A little relief from the cold. Minus 10 when we got up but up to zero when we started and 9 degrees when we finished. A mix of sun and clouds to start but all clouds by the end. We went to where the trail crosses Broadway- I had checked it the other day before this last snow and it had had some use. Today we found no one had been on it since the last snow. The first part was mostly a few inches of snow over the crust, except where it had drifted. and not bad walking. Kelley was running ahead and enjoying it. This lasted until a ways past Church Rd. and we came to a section that appeared to have had no use- the snow was at least 10 inches deep and the trail not apparent. We went a short distance but Kelley was struggling and not happy so we turned around and headed back. On the way back she spotted a dog by a house on a hill beyond a large field. -the dog headed down and Kelley headed up- fighting the snow. They met but the other dog's owner called it home. Kelley started after it but the snow was too much and she came back down to me. In spite of our snow difficulties we got in a two hour hike and  it was good to be out and it was comfortable as there was no wind.

Some of the things we saw


  1. I like the photo with the red garage and the fence and I really like the one of the ice encrusted plant. Those are so cool.

    1. Thanks, Kim- it's nice how the snow isolates things


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