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Thursday, January 9, 2014

1/9/14 City Forest

Cold ( 19-21) but sunny. Ice continues to be a big problem for us. Even though the temperatures have been below freezing since the rain there are more patches of ice where the snow is exposed to sun. I fell yesterday on the exposed section of the snowmobile trail and Kelley does not like ice or anything slick- she doesn't like to walk across the kitchen floor which is ceramic tile. We decided to return to the forest, where the trails, at least, have good footing, and explore some of the ( mainly) bike trails that we had not been on. I found a map online but it wasn't much help with these old eyes. The first couple of trails - Deer and Grouse- had  fairly recent traffic and good footing. A couple of times we crossed the roads and found them with large icy sections. Later trails had less or no traffic and forks or intersections without markers.  Some of them were also quite vague and we ended up bushwhacking and backtracking until we didn't know where we were. Where there had been no traffic the snow was looser and it was more of a slog. I could tell Kelley wasn't as fond of those trails. Eventually we came out of a bushwhack to a large field and I knew where we were. We cut across to the West Trail and took that back to our car.

Some shots of the trails

An interesting hike as we were on trails ( and off trails) that we had not been on before. It was kind of fun, at times, trying to find our way. Kelley can tell when I'm fumbling around and don't really know where to head and she sits down to wait for me to work it out rather than stumble through the brush with me.  It was a beautiful day and we had it all to ourselves again. It looks like we will do more of this, at least until the ice situation improves.  2 hours

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