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Thursday, January 30, 2014

1/30/14 Sheepscot Headwaters

Cold but sunny and no wind ( it warmed up to the twenties) . Still unsure about parking we had three possible hikes in the Montville area , thinking we would be able to do one of them. Our first choice had a parking lot and the entrance was clear. We hiked up the hill to the Northern Headwaters Trail and found it had received use by both hikers and skiers. Good footing, with packed snow and very little ice

There are a number of old stone fences in the area and these are in pretty good repair.

We turned off on the Hemlock Hollow Trail and found, at first , that no one had used it since the last snow

After awhile a single set of ski tracks appeared  from the woods, went on for awhile, and again left the trail. We were back on unused trail. The footing was also good with snow over a firm crust. These trails are well blazed and easy to follow. Also, Kelley is very good at following trails and if she is ahead all I have to do is follow her.

We took the Hogback Connector to the Bog Brook Trail which was , at first unused

but just before the spur trail there were tracks from another hiker who had come that far and then turned around and they went on to just after the trail crossed the stream. There we got off the trail and sat by the frozen marsh for our lunch. We followed the Bog Brook to the Whitten Hill and took that back to our start.

A nice hike. Comfortable temperatures and pretty peaceful woods- we met no one and heard no sounds of civilization. Kelley had no difficulty with the terrain, though there was no water for her to get into.  2  3/4 hours

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