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Friday, June 5, 2015

6/4/15 Northern Pond

Still cold and gray but at least not raining. This place is only 25 miles from home so saved some driving time to work on the garden. The last time we were her there was a detour around the first part of the trail because of high water - that seems to be resolved.

We first walked down to the canoe launch where there is still a problem with water. The third section of bog bridge is floating.

Another wildflower I don't know

The first section does not look much like an old tote road but the trail was in good condition. Later we found the Thurlow Brook Loop more difficult with lots of blown downs and workarounds. Kelley was very helpful picking up the trail when I lost it.

Kelley soon found water along the trail

The large pond was more difficult to get too with lots of brush

but she found a way in.

The spur to the beaver pond provided another opportunity

Some fungi

and some reeds

A pretty good outing. Lots of water for Kelley and in spite of little wind there were few mosquitoes. We had the place to ourselves and it's a peaceful spot.
2 hours 


  1. Been loving to see all the pictures you've been posting , just lovely. Of course I always get a kick out of watching Kelly in every water pond she finds, big or small, lol.

    1. Thank you for your comment Serafina Kelley likes ALL water.

  2. What beautiful fungi. You had a great outing!


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