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Saturday, June 27, 2015

6/27/15 Perch Pond

On a previous post about Perch Pond I had a comment from someone who couldn't find it. I answered his post with directions which can be found here.

Another nice day. sunny and around 70. We started from the North Trail head but followed the old woods road next to the trail because it was sunny and I hoped for some flowers or insects ( the fairly dense woods trails have none). Problem was lots of annoying deer flies - they even bothered Kelley who usually just ignores them.

We had another open stretch but the small pond gave Kelley some relief.

Once we got on the woods trails there were no flies and we stuck to those trails except for that short stretch by the pond on the way back. The trail along the large pond also did not have flies.

One wildflower

Leading the way back to the car on the North Trail, not the woods road.

A nice day except for the deer flies and we were able to avoid them most of the way. Kelley prefers the narrow woods trails anyway and seemed to have no difficulties. 2  1/4 hour


  1. Beautiful flowers and the water is such a lovely shade of blue!

    1. Thank you for your comment Lynda


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