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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

6/15/15 Marsh Island

Mix of sun and clouds with cooler comfortable temperatures. Kelley appeared a little stiff last night so a short easy one today. We usually start from Hillside but last time ran into a construction project so started from the end of Penobscot St. Near the river is a field of milkweed that I was hoping would be in bloom with monarchs feeding .

The start is mostly a walk in the woods

and crosses a small stream

and then a meadow with some flowers

The daisies are starting to be a bit beat up

When we reached the milkweed we found the buds had not yet opened

but there were other wildflowers

We crossed the tracks and found this wood on the rocks

The banks of the Penobscot are mostly fairly steep but Kelley found a way down.

Wild morning glory

Kelley seemed to be OK and to enjoy the short hike. 1 hour


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Linda- they are finally here

  2. Loving ALL the pics you've been posting. Just beautiful! That's such a great camera! I'm very jealous of your weather/temps. It's been miserably hot here in Louisville , in the 90's . We just skipped Spring and went straight to Summer . Supposed to get near 100 this weekend, ugh! We'll see ...

    1. Thank you Serafina - I don't care for hot weather either. Come to Maine


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