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Saturday, November 30, 2013

11/29/13 False Starts and Then Lower Hadlock Pond

Very contrast light and me fooling with the camera settings again resulted in a not good day for pictures.

Cold ( lower 20's ) but sunny.  Thought we would explore the network of trails below Norumbega in an area called "Schoolhouse Ledge" We started from the parking area at the end of Lower Hadlock Pond and  took a trail from there that took us to Rte. 3.
We backtracked but did not see the other trails and ended up back where we started.  We had walked these trails awhile back but had entered at a different point and had had better luck finding the different trails.

The trail we did walk- this is an attractive area to explore

We gave up and walked along the edge of Lower Hadlock Pond

to the Norumbega Mtn. Trail . This is a pretty trail with lots of variety and is less steep than the Goat Trail which many people take.

It does, however,  have several spots where Kelley needs to do a work around . Today she was not very enthusiastic about them and I thought maybe she was not doing as well as she has been and decided to give up on Nurumbega for today. We took the Golf Course Trail down, which was much easier for her

and does end up at the golf course and works around it and back to the pond

From there we decided to do the trail around the pond which is pretty easy. At the upper end a small bridge takes you across  Hadlock Brook which empties into the pond

We had lunch along the pond and then continued back to the car. There had been little wind so it was pretty comfortable even though it was  only in the mid twenties when we finished. 2  1/2 hours


  1. Hi John, I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds the trails on Schoolhouse Ledge a bit confusing. There is a new map published by the VIA or whomever maintains these trails. I got mine @ the NEH library. It's very helpful.

    1. Hi Christopher- thanks for the info. I will contact them. We did better the first time but it was awhile back and we entered from another spot. We still ended up in unexpected places- still it was pretty and interesting.


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