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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

11/12/13 Newman Hill-Hinds

Cold, gray, and windy- 30 degrees when we started and 31 at the end. This is the first day that actually felt like winter. I also had the new map with me but won't post it because it's confusing with the old.

Wintry looking Black Pond

I was just going to head up the old rail bed and further explore the straight ahead section but Kelley wanted to do the ski trail. Part of it is closed except for winter use when it's frozen. We walked to that point and turned back

and walked to the short trail that took us to Pine Pond  and then to the  rail bed that extends straight rather than curves as on the map.

We met a local hunter who confirmed that this had been the old rail bed but said the other might have been also. He  said we could only go so far on this one before it became too wet to continue- the bottoms of his pants were frozen from getting wet. We walked it until we came to a series of blow downs that were difficult for Kelley and turned back.

We found a marker for a trail that seem it should have been on the curved section but we took it anyway. It brought us to the curved section marked as rail bed where we usually walked into the woods if we had taken our usual route.  But we walked the road back to a trail behind Black Pond we had not done before and  that was enjoyable and then out by a small pond where Kelley enjoyed a swim

A pretty good 2  1/2 hour hike in spite of the cold and wind- which affect only me. The map situation is still frustrating but they seem to be working on it we look forward to the finished map.


  1. I love the picture of the trail thru the trees.

    1. Thanks, Kim. I didn't take many this day because the cold and wind made me want to keep my gloves on.


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