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Friday, November 22, 2013

11/21/13 Blackcap Mountain

I have been unable to find maps of these trails so have adapted my own. Everything is, therefore, approximate- I believe the trails extend further east than shown .

The last time we were at the pond ( for Kelley to have a swim) I saw a new trail sign which was past the Blue and White Trail- see map.

and today we were going to check it out. It started out as a fairly steep woods trail with lots of leaves that were slippery.

We came to a clearing and the trail from that point was one we had been on before- at least parts of it. It was very rocky and poorly maintained with lots of uncleared blow downs . Kelley really struggled with this trail with numerous work arounds, some big bushwhacks, and several times when I had to lift her as there was not an easy way around- she resisted that but had no choice at times.

At one point the trees opened for a view of the pond below

but then it was back to it

We came to a junction with a trail blazed blue and white which I believe is the trail we usually descend on - we have always come up the Blue and White Trail and then down this end. We continued up and it became much easier

I had thought this hike was going to be too short and we would need to add something to it but it had taken us two hours to reach the ridge!

We found a nice spot to have our apple and some water

Unlike the woods coming up, which had mostly been deciduous, the trail along the ridge is  mostly through conifers

and a view from near the summit - which has six towers ( not shown)

We found the Blue and White Trail and descended to the pond, which made Kelley happy

And a final dip before we got in the car to head home

It had been an arduous hike but Kelley was very brave and resourceful and we felt good about our accomplishment. 3  1/4 hours


  1. Looks like a nice day! Wouldn't know about the wind and cold unless you were here!

    1. Hi Faith- it was a nice day- just a bit of a trial for Kelley.

  2. John, always love your photos. Really like the last shot of Kelley. Those ponds , lakes sure look fishy do you ever see anyone fishing? Just wondering. Snow coming soon? Cold and wet here today. Bill, Chilefarmer

    1. Hi Bill- Thanks for your comment. I have seen people fishing but they were in boats so I was not able to ask about the fishing. We are probably overdue for snow- Cold and wet here too, with some sleet/ snow this afternoon.


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