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Thursday, November 28, 2013

11/28/13 Walden -City Forest

Yesterday it rained all day and Kelley went to the nursing home to visit for the day. This morning when we got up it was 34 degrees with a forecast high of 27 degrees- mix of sun and clouds . As the temperature was dropping we headed out early. Usually I have been stalling and waiting for it to warm

We just wandered trails at random and ended up off the trust land and met two deer hunters. I thought I knew about where we were and asked the man if he knew a route to the old rail bed ( and back on land trust property) . He actually said, " you can't get there from here"- I thought we could and after apologizing for interrupting their hunting ( Kelley had run ahead to greet them before I saw them) we headed off and did find our way.

After the three inches of rain yesterday there was water everywhere.  Kelley had no problem with ice keeping her out of the water as she had two days ago.

While we were on the old rail bed one of Kelley's friends came charging up. We have seen she and her owner many times on the trails here. Sophie is a high energy dog and is in almost constant motion all over the woods . She almost always arrives before we see her owner. At which point Kelley takes off in the direction Sophie came from to greet her owner who Kelley also likes.

A pretty good hike in spite of a wet glove and hat that resulted from trying to keep myself from falling into some water ( my new boots kept my feet dry) .  Kelley got lots of water and greeted several other people and another dog.  2  3/4 hours


  1. Love the third and second photos from the end! Sounds like a nice day.

  2. We had plans for a hike in the woods today that got side tracked by an unexpected trip to Indianapolis. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

    1. Thanks for visiting Kim- I'll check your blog to see if you make it.

    2. Didn't make it to the woods. We brought home a very flu ridden daughter who needs some TLC for a few days. Looks like homemade turkey soup and turkey pot pies are in order.

    3. The woods will be there when your daughter is well. Pot pies sound good.- it's been years.


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