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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

11/19/13 Redmans and Schoodic Beaches

Yesterday was rain and Kelley went to visit at the nursing home. This morning is cold ( 34 at start 36 at finish). quite windy, and gray- though the sun was in and out by the time we got to our hike. We had done the old woods road/path from the end of Dynamite Brook Road several times but recently learned about another old road that went from Redmans ( called 'Black' on above map)  to Schoodic Beach and we decided to look for that.

Though an old woods road, it narrows in places

and Kelley soon found a stream

We found what looked like relatively new flagging on a rough trail we hadn't noticed before. We followed it for awhile and it took us near another part of the pond before petering out ( question mark area on map). Instead of backtracking we bushwhacked up the hill to the trail we usually use and continued on to Redmans Beach

After Kelley had a swim we looked for the other old road and soon found it. It was eroded in places  and in good shape in others

By the time we reached Schoodic Beach and camp ground it was clouding up again and the wind had picked up considerably. Kelley does not like waves so she passed on a swim here.

To get back to the path we came in on we used one of the trails within the beach complex

Nearly back and we got nice sunny skies

A pretty good hike.We were in the woods most of the times and protected from the cold winds, we found the path we sought, Kelley was happy to be back in the woods.  3  1/4 hours


  1. Even though the leaves are gone, it's still very scenic. Nice beach too.

    1. Thank Linda- I think it pretty year 'round- Few sand beaches in Maine and I have wondered about this one.

  2. I, too, like the beaches. Nice woods road trails, also. This was a very cold day-- the wind rattled windows here all day. Interesting about the waves and Kelley. Roxie is the same.

    1. Hi Faith- It was pretty cold there too but being in the woods helped with the wind. Besides waves, Kelley does not like swiftly moving water- smallish ponds are best

  3. test test--looked like a nice hike


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