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Friday, November 15, 2013

11/14/13 Potholes Path

This is one of the 'abandoned' trails that we sometimes have difficulty finding. We started at the Canon Brook Trail and took that to the Dorr S. Ridge Trail intersection. Instead of taking the Dorr you go through the brush opposite and find a trail ( sometimes referred to as the 'Dorr Extension' ) that takes you to Otter Creek, which you cross and find an ill defined trail heading southward. This you follow to the Potholes Path. If you miss the turn and continue ( as we did today) you will eventually realize ( steep rocky sections) that you are on the trail to Eagle's Craig. We once followed that trail all the way up but it was an ordeal for Kelley that we do not wish to repeat. When we realized our error today we turned back and found the Potholes Path. It is a fairly steep climb but with only a couple of work arounds for Kelley.

Looking back- most of the way up

and a panoramic view- click for large version

Potholes Path   11-14-13

The rest of the trail is more gentle ( except for a couple of major work arounds for Kelley) and more ridge like with open granite ledge and some brief woods. There are lots of stone cairns but also lots of other stones, making it easy to get off the trail but it's not hard to reorient yourself.

Even though it was 40 degrees when we started there was still a fair amount of ice to maneuver around. But also some other things to look at

We followed the trail to within sight of the Cadillac Mtn. Trail and then turned back the way we had come.

Heading back down

There is a beaver pond where the Canon Brook turns toward the highway and I stopped for a couple of pictures while Kelley enjoyed the water.

I felt very good about Kelley at the end of this long -  4  1/2 hour hike. It had been somewhat arduous ( several work arounds, including one I had  to lead her through ( large rock formation, heavy brush, boggy ground, and a creek) and some climbing and she was still enthusiastic and showing no signs of lameness or discomfort as we got to the car.


  1. Glad to hear Kelley survived the grueling hike! My dog Bear is nearly 12 years old and he doesn't accompany me on many hikes anymore. :( I really miss having a dog to hike with.

    1. Thanks Linda- In Kelley's case it's more me being along but it's great being out there with her.

  2. Another new trail to explore next summer! Glad to hear it wasn't too arduous for Kelley.

    1. Hi Christopher- thanks for commenting and concern for Kelley

  3. LOL - I enjoyed your reply to Linda!


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