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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

11/4/13 Down East Sunrise Trail

Cold ( lower 40's) but sunny. Another section we had not yet done of this long trail ( 85 miles) . This time we started from the western end in Ellsworth.

The trail starts with rails along side it- I think part of a scenic railroad - but they quickly stop and you are left with woods.

There were a lot of these signs in the woods on both sides of the trail - mostly newer looking but some starting to get a little interesting

Later on we met a man from the Department of Conservation, checking for blow downs and going toward the the start of the trail to put up no hunting signs ( further along the trail hunting is allowed) and he said the land on either side of the trail in this section is owned by a man who fought against the trail.

Some of what we saw as we walked

Kilkenny Stream

A small pond

West Branch Stream where we turned around and headed back

Even on the way back some of the water in shade still had ice . Kelley, who doesn't like to walk on ice, had been frustrated at times because of the ice.

A pretty good hike- we moved along well because of the easy surface and got in about 10 miles in our 3  1/2 hours. Kelley seemed to enjoy the trail- she likes places she hasn't been before and seemed comfortable with the distance.


  1. We did this section in 2011-- not as far as you did-- it was August and in the 80's. Gus got very hot, but Roxie did not show the effects at all. I was in between! The stream part was very nice, as I recall. Love the leaf, John.

    1. Thanks for commenting Faith. The streams were nice- most of the rest is pretty much solid woods-maybe not as interesting as the other sections we've done.

  2. Hi John.... Those are gorgeous shot's of the reflection on the water !!
    Ten miles ...good for you , I don't think my knee would let me do quite that much!!


    1. Thanks Grace- I like the reflections too


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