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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

11/5/13 Perch Pond Trails

Cold and a mix of sun and clouds. We decided to explore some of the trails we hadn't been on yet, including the part of Dumbo's we missed last time. We went in on the South Trail from Poplar St. and started on the 100 Acre Woods. Deer season has started so we had on our blaze orange, though Kelley was not enthusiastic.

Parts of the 100 Acre Woods Trail

and some lichen on one of the trees

Instead of completing the loop we took Ladies First to Twitch and that to Dumbo's. This time we were able to follow it as on the map and even saw where we got off track last time. This took us to the pond and a swim  for Kelley and an apple to share.

The Shore Trail took us to Wild Kingdom which was also new to us.

more lichen

and that took us back to South Trail we had come in on.

One more of Kelley

A pretty good hike. There are still intersections not marked and trails not on the map but we managed to guess right and went where we planned. 2 1/2 or 3 hours - having a senior moment.


  1. I like Kelley's new fashionable orange scarf! I've been wearing orange when I'm out in the woods too.

    1. Hi Linda - me too- at least for this month

  2. I like the fourth pic from the end-- rock?-- and Kelley in her bandana. Stoic, she looks. Resigned to foolishness.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Faith. The lichen is on a tree. Yes, Kelley tolerated the scarf but I would not say it made her happy. I was not crazy about my goofy orange hat either


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