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Monday, November 4, 2013

11/3/13 Walden Parke

Cold- 20's when we got up. I stalled until it was in the 30's  and then we went to nearby Walden Parke. It was sunny but windy, making close ups and macros difficult. We only hiked for an hour and three quarters but did parts of the loop trail and  the old rail bed, an old woods road, and some trails we hadn't been on before. On the rail bed we met a nice woman and her pup which made Kelley happy. As we were talking about  trails, two other women and their dogs joined us - lots of happy dogs. 41 when we finished our hike.

Looking wintry now

But Kelley doesn't mind the cold


  1. 20's already?? Winter is right around the corner.

    1. Hi Kim, yes, and I'm really not ready for it- Kelley does not mind the cold.

  2. Lets see it was a cold 70 on the beach!!! I hope all the dogs were not as noisy as the ones we ran into the second day we hiked--I still think the retired park guy we ran into didn't say anything about Kelley that day but did mention about dogs being on a leash when we all ran into the yapping dogs that day. Brother Tom

  3. Hi Tom- and it's even colder today- it was inevitable. I think you are right about the dogs.

  4. Brrr. That looks cold. Kelley must husky blood in her genes!


    1. Hi Christopher- The cold never seems to bother her. I have many winter pictures of her finding an opening in the ice and getting in with it. Brrr for me too.


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