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Thursday, November 7, 2013

11/6/13 Goose Ridge Trail

Cool, mix of sun and clouds- more clouds than sun. We have done this trail from Freedom Pond Rd. ( mostly)  but stop when the trail hits the utility easement short of Penny Road. We have also done it from the Northern Headwaters Trail but only once as far as Penny Rd. and we stopped there. I thought we had missed that section in the middle and so we started from Penny Rd heading north. I soon realized it was familiar and we had done it ( checked blog when home and it was two years ago).

The trail starts off across a field and then into the woods until you come out on the easement.

The trail follows the easement up the ridge and then goes back into the woods before returning to the easement and then back into the woods a good distance until you come to Spirited Horses Ranch where you cross the edge of two meadows.

Getting ready for winter

An old stone fence

We passed through the ranch woods to start down the other side and encountered this sign. The ranch has a network of trails through the woods and they are blue blazed ( Goose Ridge is red)- sometimes the trails coincide and you will have both color blazes- just ignore the blue blazes.

The woods on this trail are mostly deciduous so there were a lot of leaves on the trail hiding roots and stones to trip over

We only went a short distance down past the ranch before I decided  to turn back for today.

When we reached the easement we walked it's short distance to the top of the ridge for a view down the other side.

And then took the trail back to Penny Rd. It had been a pleasant outing in spite of my low energy. Though there were several wet and boggy sections - at one point Kelley was sinking up to here torso and didn't care for it , she  had to work to find enough water to get into.  2  3/4 hours 


  1. Amazing, the places hidden around the countryside!

    1. Hi Faith- thanks for commenting- yes, and there are several other trails in this network.

  2. Hi John... Yikes I don't like that episode for Kelley !!
    So glad that worked out for her !!

    It is starting to look a little bleak out there isn't it , I am not looking forward to snow, but at lest it makes things brighter!!

    I love stone walls there are many in the back woods from me!! Learned not to follow one if your a little turned around !! Years ago I thought I was going to spend the night in the woods from doing that!!

    You must be careful with those stone covered leaves!!


    1. Hi Grace- Thanks for commenting. I think the mud mostly annoyed her and kept her from a small stream. I think snow will beautify things too and also like those old fences.

  3. You visit so many great trails. I wonder which ones you like the most and why?

    1. Hi Kim- I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite. There are a lot of trails within an hour and a half of where we live and a lot of variety- from easy woods walks to Acadia National Park and other mountains. The character of the different trails also changes with the seasons and the weather. It also depends on how Kelley is doing. Some days I think she needs an easy hike and other days not. And my moods also affect the choice- some days I want to be on a mountain with wide views and other times a quiet trail offers a more meditative experience - I don't have to spend as much attention on where I'm stepping. Long winded way of saying we just like being out there- and , of course, the exercise is necessary for Kelley. I appreciate your interest.


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